Printed Glass Table Top (Holographic Wave Texture)

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                                      Laminated Glass Rice Paper

                                      Photo Glass Interior Windows

                             Custom Wide-Format Photo Printed Glass (Translucent)

                            Backlit Laminated Glass Wood Veneer (Maple Burl)

                  Laminated Glass Wood Veneer Table (Bleached Ash)

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Imaginglassspecializes in decorative laminated glass products made with the cutting-edge technology by Avant Art Architectural Glass, Inc.

Our super-thin genuine wood veneer, fabrics, and rice paper laminated in glass are produced via a proprietary process by saturation and pressure glass lamination, thus creating water resistant safety glass panels suitable for any interior design application, be it a frameless glass partition, a glass table top, a glass backsplash, or even a glass staircase. Because of the 0.5mm thickness, light color wood veneer glass panels are translucent and produce a beautiful glow if back-lit.

Digital imagery glass (or photo glass / wide-format photo print in glass) incorporates the same glass lamination process with the interlayer being digitally printed instead of the glass itself. It ensures the highest quality of the printed glass resolution and provides long-lasting protection from scratching, UV fading, and moisture. It is also shatter-proof, which is often required for large glass pieces subject to human impact.

You can always contact us at for customization of any of the laminated glass products offered in our shop.

Do not be restrained by the standard sizes offered. Printed glass (wide-format photo print in glass), laminated glass fabrics, and laminated glass wood veneer can be produced as large as 114"x57" in any thickness and with a variety of colors. Here are some of the customization options you have

  • Select your own wood specie for laminated glass wood veneer*
  • Select and send your own fabric for lamination*
  • Request custom color for your laminated glass rice paper*
  • Specify your own laminated glass dimensions for printed glass (photo glass), laminated glass rice paper, fabrics and wood veneer laminated in glass.
  • Choose your desired glass thickness, up to 1" with polished edges, and glass type (i.e. etched, mirror, two-way mirror)
  • Digitally printed glass can be produced with two overlapping images in triple laminated glass with two printed interlayers.
  • All types of custom glass fabrication are available: hole drilling, notches, and special shapes.
  • Request special glass hardware - we carry all of it at the best prices. From custom size stainless steel standoff assemblies to stainless steel clamps for staircase side lites, partitions, and shower doors. Most of the hardware we offer is produced by CR Laurence (CRL) - one of the world's largest glass hardware manufacturers.
  • Inquire about glass sliding doors, framed or frameless, that can incorporate your photo glass, laminated glass rice paper, wood veneer, and fabrics. The sliding glass door hardware we offer is made in Germany and Spain.